Muay Thai Conditioning Techniques that Challenge Beginners (Part 2).

Muay Thai Conditioning, excercises

Muay Thai Conditioning In combat sports like Muay Thai, it pays to be in top condition at all times. Professional fighters have no choice but to train on a regular basis, perhaps five to six days a week with “two a day” sessions that would put most NFL practices to shame. Now, my intention is…

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Muay Thai Conditioning Techniques that Challenge Beginners (Part 1).

Muay Thai Conditioning, Training, Technique

Beginning Basic Muay Thai boxing Conditioning Most of my students at my Muay Thai gym will never become professional Thai fighters – And that’s cool, there are many great ways to earn a living. However, one of the main reasons people keep coming back is for the great conditioning they get – a natural part…

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Escaping the Muay Thai Body Lock Clinch

Muay Thai Clinch

Muay Thai Clinching The Muay Thai clinch is another aspect of this fighting system that separates it from all other martial arts. Clinching is executed in the closest range for stand up fighting.       Controlling your opponent from the clinch and landing short attacks ie. punches, knees, elbows, and sweeps is the ultimate…

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Basic Muay Thai Nutrition Tips

Nutrition and Diet

Muay Thai Nutritional Way “If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end” -Julius Erving By making a commitment to Muay Thai and/or the Muay Thai way of life, you should also embrace healthy eating habits, as the means to get the best Thai boxing…

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How Important are Muay Thai Combinations?

Muay Thai Combinations

Why Use Muay Thai Combos When training or fighting in Muay Thai Kickboxing it’s important to have an understanding of how to use combinations.  As I mentioned in other articles, you can use punches, kicks, knees and elbows.  These are your weapons and can be used individually or even better, in combination. In a regular…

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The Most Important Weapon In Muay Thai Boxing

muay thai fighter throwing jab

The Awesome Power Of The Muay Thai Jab As a Muay Thai practitioner, the jab is going to be one the the most important and fundamental weapons in your arsenal. You may have been under the impression that jabs are weak but next time you watch a Muay Thai or UFC fight pay close attention…

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4 Basic Steps To Mastering Muay Thai

muay thai kicking

What Are The Steps To Master Muay Thai? To truly become a master of something like Muay Thai, or anything really… martial arts or otherwise. Can be easy, as long as you know the proper steps to getting there. And what are the keys to making improvements the right way and in the fastest amount…

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Discovering Your Inner Strength with Muay Thai Training

Discipline, self respect, Muay Thai

  If You Think Muay Thai Is Just Physical… Keep Reading Because The Answer Will Shock You! When most people sign up for Muay Thai lessons, or buy a few training DVD‘s, their initial thoughts turn to the sport’s physical/technical aspects, as well as how the training can help them lose weight. Maybe you are…

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Muay Thai For Women


Why Muay Thai Is Attracting Thousands Of Women Every Year   Combat sports are a guys’ thing, right? Well, not so fast… Judging by what’s going down at my mixed martial arts (MMA) academy and others, I can confirm that women are getting into Muay Thai big time. After all, for ladies looking to “jazz”…

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Workout Equipment for Muay Thai.

Euqipment For Muay Thai, Boxing gloves

Basic Muay Thai Training Equipment One of the challenges that I face as a Muay Thai instructor is convincing people that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get into the game. While other sports like football and golf demand thousands of dollars in gear and membership fees just to get started, Muay…

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