Escaping the Muay Thai Body Lock Clinch

Muay Thai Clinching

The Muay Thai clinch is another aspect of this fighting system that separates it from all other martial arts. Clinching is executed in the closest range for stand up fighting.



Balance and control is the most important aspect when fighting at this range.


Controlling your opponent from the clinch and landing short attacks ie. punches, knees, elbows, and sweeps is the ultimate goal when grappling in this close range position. This can only really be mastered through feeling out and reacting with your opponents movements, and attacks.

Practicing with a partner in the clinch is the best way to really master controlling the movements of the opponent and clinching technique from this close-range position. Through constant training you’ll be able to build great cardiovascular endurance, develop timing, and position yourself for whatever attack or defense is needed for the situation.


Muay Thai Body Lock Escape

In this technique we will cover how to escape the body lock clinch, when the opponent has both hands underneath.

The biggest problem with an opponent having double under hooks or the body lock… Is that they can have greater control over you and can easily take you down. This is also an uncomfortable position where they can attack with a variety of different knee strikes.

This escape will keep you from getting put down and will help stop your opponent from banging you up with curve knees to the thighs and ribs. Remember, we always want to take the least amount of damage, while escaping this terrible position.


How to escape the body Lock

1. He has you in the double under hooks or body lock position.

  • Secure the right leg instep on the inside of his left thigh to create a hook. (If I don’t have the hook in, when I come over the top, he is just going to come around to your back).
  • Grab the back of his neck with your right hand and squeeze your elbow in between the body (if you can) to create space and pressure on the opponent.
  • Place your left hand on the hip or get a over hook.
  • Rotate your right arm over the top and around to the right side of his head. Turning your body clock-wise to your right.

2. Keep good balance on your supporting right leg

  • Start to rotate clock-wise, as you press his head down with pressure in the same direction with your right arm.
  • Extend your right hook on his thigh to create more pressure, so it will be a lot harder for him to hold on.

3. Once the grip is released, place your right foot on the ground

  • Move your hips back and step back with the right leg.
  • Keep your body weight on your opponent.
  • Now you have the ability to counter with knee strikes.


Common Mistakes

Not putting in a hook – The main reason for placing the hook on the thigh is to create space and take away his balance. Also not using the hook will give your opponent a chance to come around to your back. Leaving you exposed for strikes and sweeps.

Keeping Balance – Balance is very important in this position. Remember, you are only on one leg and can easily be taken down. Secure a good balance point with your support leg… you might even need to hop around with your leg to maintain a strong base and balance.

Creating pressure on the head – Once your ready to rotate the body when your arm is on the other side of the head, it’s important that there is a lot pressure coming down on top to break the grip and bring him down.


I hope you enjoyed this Muay Thai technique. Please leave a comment below…


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  • MOE good stuff

    Reply Reply May 8, 2017

    muay thai use`s more COLLAR tie fighting-pummeling than greco roman werstling .this not to say pummeling for hooks is not ever used .

    therefore muay thai clinchers should recognize and make note of this meaningful difference.

    muay thai clinch will use a more open grip and transition into close range for collars during hand fighting entires as seen by many fighters in thailand doing so.

    do not neglect nor overlook long guard – fighting long range- COLLAR – hand fighting this not to say pummeling for hooks is not ever used moves and transitions.

  • harvest d. good stuff

    Reply Reply April 8, 2017

    for MUAY THAI clinch techniques .

    universal well defined wrestling definitions that appear and aid all clinch situations .

    neck wrestling is here now.

    stand up wrestling moves listed.
    pummeling hand fighting entries are done with the listed moves

    wrestling by pass

    snap down



    collar ties – single and double

    elbow pass

    duck under

    shrugs and level changes.

    clinch throws below..

    1 ) Under hook to Pinch Headlock Attacks

    2 ) Pinch Headlock To Twist throw.

    3 ) Push pull bump throw muay thai.

    4 4) LATERAL DROP !!!


    Reply Reply September 5, 2015

    muay thai clinch throws ?

    can you pummel and hand fight like a greco roman wrestler ?

    g-r is much like thai clinch entries… you must accept and beleave this .

    there are about five different allowed and used methods of throws from clinch .

    1)first group is over hook– plaaam.

    2)next is belly 2 belly .

    3)mixed grip . i have called half love vs body lock full love .

    4) ***half over collar and other hand on bicept – c-grip-some will call this meat hook-swand grip . cobra grip.!!!
    this is the most desirable grip because you can stear or move into elbow and more.

    you must learn to pummel and hand fight -TRANSITION OUT OF THESE GRIPS.
    slow and light weight pressure -grippings..

    if you cant find a partner to practice with lift weights . bumbells and kettle weights- non-stop for five minute sets..
    them middel eastern wrestlers use indian clubs and spin them all about the body -over head and around for strength conditioning.

    GRECO clinch aids every thing about muay thai clinch..

    lets talk about CLINCH throws .

    1 ) there is a knee bump lead in to pull type throw- this is like the one bukow does.
    this is for a fast nimble fighter only. learn about push pull hand action for throws.

    2) there is a leveraged throw -fulcrum , where you place your knee aside of the opponets thigh just above the knee

    cap and pull them. YOU MAY NEED TO FORCE AND FALL DOWN ON TOP OF THEM-if fulcrum action is ineffective or failed..

    3) twist throw -mostly from body lock .

    4) pull down -sit down throw. MOVING FORWARD OR BACKWARD HELPS. backwards is much like a lateral drop but has a knee entry ..

    5) from double collar tie-plumm twist an arm and stear the apponent step direction to twist quickly and jerk

    there head down.
    the majority of the time a knee is a predesessor -lead in and PLANTED in the proper place for the next action to occure.

    therefore you must have and use a good round knee and PLACE it next to the opponents thigh and explode into you next move.


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    Reply Reply August 28, 2015

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  • no clown throw down now II

    Reply Reply May 17, 2015

    cursing thru youtube i found this excellent , very well detailed clinch video.

    the majority of the techniques are not easy however everything on this video is very good to know, reconize and learn and try to do the moves.

    look- see- study – learn – do !

    up to you

  • neck tyme II U.

    Reply Reply February 2, 2015

    to KNEE Bump or TWIST & -PULL DOWN : That is the big question ?

    you dont have any idea what i am saying ?

    these are thai clinch throw options that need exploration and study.
    now go ask that certified ajan to give you a serious dissertation – on our subject.

    the rhetorical powers of the supper chai must be invoked to solve this quagmire riddled question .


  • shouting lies

    Reply Reply December 1, 2014

    So many many lies and fakers.

    To learn clinching one must learn pummeling and hand fighting.
    Now look that up on utube .

    If your school don`t pummel and hand fight drill every work out there is no clinch at all…
    Look up collar ties . Under and over hooks and drills, for same utube.
    Snap down , arm drag, elbow lift and passing,Utube..

    This is all stand up clinch fight and grips and transition training .
    Very well documeneted in clear english.
    Learn the names of the moves then the mechanics and practice .
    This is preliminary entry -escape practice clinch .

  • likley story

    Reply Reply November 25, 2014

    yall hear the mythical name ‘ THE SCIENCE OF 8 LIMBS ‘

    What about the clinch moves ???

    8 limbs and no clinch at all is the sad story at most schools, yes – yes.

    so many schools hide behind fake traditions, having students not clinch but do a RAM MUAY !!

    A weak clinch department at any school is a clear indication they are only “KICK BOXERS” possing -pretending to be muay thai.

    Buyer beware of the fraudsters and fakes out there wearing nylon shorts with thai writing on them.

    seasons greetings , its that time of the year.

  • clinch throw returns

    Reply Reply October 24, 2014

    so you have been going to the muay thai gym regular for over a year now and you still dont have clinch skills??

    how many excuses and big lies will it take till you can admit,
    you in the wrong camp.

    you chose this school because in was convienent and was close to home , yes ?

    take a good long look in the mirror now who`s to blame, you !

    new years is coming up soon and start looking now for that good school that can and will teach you all the stylish techniques to be a fighting hero and legendary along the way..

    remember you take out what you put in…

  • online dictionary

    Reply Reply October 10, 2014

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    visit this web page aand be up to date everyday.

  • throw bro

    Reply Reply July 9, 2014

    anyone watching utube lessons on clinching greco or thai clinching ?

    there is a lot of good lessons on the utube. they both compliment each other.

    if a couple of guys got together and did – practiced the clinch throw video`s they could learn plenty and quick too.

    i will leave the investigation of utubes up to the willing learner.

    have at it gentlemen.

  • what the Neck

    Reply Reply June 5, 2014

    any one learning the transitions from double collar ties to swan-cobra grip?

    what about pummeling into double collar-under hooks then transitioning into mixed over under hooks AND then doing the push-pull action -under arm lifting to engage a twisting motion and make the opponent fall down,throwed..

    so many people are stupid for not knowing more than double over hooks .

    clinching is a large game with lots to learn , open yorur mind and learn the many grips , trips and throws of thai clinching.

    belly to belly clinching with knees and throws are a beauitful sight to see.

  • BUBAS here

    Reply Reply March 14, 2014


    there are so many excellent lessons on utube teaching clinch techniques.

    if a practitioner is faulted and deficient there, school and coach are all to blame .

    there is no good reason to omit muay thai clinch skills today.

    THAI CLINCH HAS ARRIVED AND all must learn and demonstrate and utlize such in every workout.

    REMEMBER no elbows, no knees , no CLINCH throws , no CLINCH ,NO REAL MUAY THAI !

  • neck fighter

    Reply Reply February 13, 2014

    i usele most of greco roman stand up wrestling to help me with thai clinch !!

    yes GRECO is an early learning tool to be utlized in all cases ..

    cant take the truths you will never ever learn clinch

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